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A NEW TEAM in english

Publié par ntunzwe, Dernière mise à jour : Le 31/1/2016 à 12H 34min 01sec

Since September, members of the community of Buterere have changed. The former director has received other commitments. That is why came a new director Father Ferdinand NTUNZWENIMANA who joined other confreres Fathers BIGIRIMANA Sinaize and Irunga Desire respectively the director of the School and the administrator. The three work together in order to organize well the work of the center despite the troubled situation of the capital. Given the fact that many people want to hear more about the country, and the Center of Buterere, the new team wants to maintain the work of the website. There will be information about various school activities, the oratory, the sanctuary and many other realities of the center and the country.

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Le 2/5/2016 à 15H 44min 47sec

You're a real deep theknir. Thanks for sharing.

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