Jan 01

After 9 months of the school year, young people are really tired of books. Good enough that they can get a place where to get not books but balls and many other various games; that is DON BOSCO YOUTH CENTRE. For many youngsters it is not easy to get what keeps them busy. Some help for some works at home, others struggle to get a casual work that will help them to get school fees for the forthcoming school year, but all these activities cannot occupy them for the whole day, the whole week. Don Bosco Youth Centre came up with holiday activities every afternoon. Youngsters are busy with BALLS and other recreational activities. They are happy to put aside books, notebooks and keep themselves busy with balls, drums, traditional and cultural activities. These activities have an educational goal. In fact, it is a time to learn how to behave during recreational activities; a time to get new friends, to develop the muscles, and a good time for the mind. Where else can a youth get an entertainment of his choice except at Don Bosco Youth Centre? Are you tired of books????? Come to Don Bosco.

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