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'Before or after January 31st, it is always DON BOSCO feast.' These words are enough to make it clear that the most important thing for the Salesians and the young of Salesian communities: the feast of Don Bosco. At Don Bosco Buterere, the party was held on Friday, January 27th. It was a gathering of all the participants in the activities of this community: the boarders, the students of the VTC, the youth of the oratory, the teachers and all the collaborators. A prayer of nine days preceded this day, especially at the morning talk when the life of Don Bosco, his system, his charism and his congregation were made known. The awaited day was a day with many beautiful surprises with a busy schedule: matches, prayers, entertainment ....... The students first delivered a match with their educators: who did not laugh? One can imagine the joy of the young people who win the match against their educators. The slogan of the youth was 'your time has passed.' A time of entertainment has put everyone at ease through the entertainment well prepared by all groups of the community. It was truly a day of celebration and entertainment. Even if things have changed, a festive meal could not miss. Indeed, the important thing is not what one eats, but the spirit with which one shares what is available to the members of the same family: IN A FAMILLY WE SHARE

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