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MODULAR TRAINING, A NOVELTY IN VTC Since recently, Vocational Training Centers in the whole country have come up with a new system called ‘modular system'. This system consists of a training during 3 months after which a certificate is issued to corroborate that the student has followed a given module. From certificates the student will go to diploma before reaching higher education. It is a new and interesting system because the content of each module helps the student to learn something related to a trade, theoretically and practically depending on the competencies of the teachers and the equipment of workshops. Another thing to note is that a student may not follow – for different reasons – a module. However, before getting a certificate or a diploma they will first have to study the forgotten module. Those who do not skip any module will be surprised to get to higher education quickly without any hassle. For Don Bosco Buterere VTC, students were happy to get certificates and diplomas – this month – although it was not easy to get enough material for the practical works. It can be recalled that the issue of material for the students’ practical works and the teachers’ salaries are the main challenges for the Don Bosco Buterere VTC.

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