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Mar 04


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On 3rd March, 2020, members of the Don Bosco Buterere Green Club celebrated The Africa Environment Day. The activities were based on raising awareness of the good of environmental commitment. The awareness campaign consisted of collecting waste - mainly plastic - over a distance of 2 km outside the center as well as inside. The Don Bosco Buterere VTC is located on the outskirts of the capital Bujumbura and it is still the victim of rain floods every year. After the great floods of this year, the members of the Green Club have made a good choice which consists in raising awareness of the surrounding population on the importance of involvement in protecting the environment. They chose the simplest but most significant activity: collecting plastic waste that can be recycled. Waste collection is an activity that anyone can do to protect the environment. If everyone could pick up the rubbish they come across while walking or wherever they are, we would be in a world without garbage. After the collecting of the trash, members of the club had a basketball match to close the African Environment Day. All participants were pleased with the waste collection activity, but above all with the awareness of the surrounding population. The day was a great success, as more than 80 members - students and teachers - were involved in the day's activities. Many other activities are on the club's agenda: planting fruit trees and others, making biodegradable packaging, etc.

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